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Welcome to Celestial Outlook

. Celestial Insights to Enhance Your Life

Professional astrology consultation services by phone or recording.  Also available are computer-generated charts, reports, and resource information for living a harmonious life on our planet Earth.

  How Astrology Can Benefit You

An astrological reading provides valuable insight into all areas of your life.  It is a great tool for assessing where you are on your life’s journey.  It can provide guidance for working constructively with life’s opportunities and challenges. 

Summaries of consultations with image links to information pages:

Star Map - Birth Chart InterpretationStar Map - Birth Chart InterpretationStar Maps -The nature of your personality and temperament — how you view the world and how the world sees you. Your unique strengths, gifts and talents as well as your weaknesses and challenges. Your career, relationships and finances, travel and more. Parental, early childhood, educational, and authority influences and their impact on your life...

Star Navigation - What's happening! - This consultation looks at the current transits, progressions, solar arcs and other methods used by astrologers to get insight on to the areas of your life where this is growth, expansion and good fortune or where you can expect delays, restrictions and frustration with your career, employment, finances. Also timing for love, romance, and marriage...

Cosmic Dance Compatibility - love, romance, marriage. including insights regarding whom you would be the most compatible with and what you should be seeking in a partner.  Relationships with your children, friends and employers. Relationships with your children, friends and employers. Education and travel plans...

 Personal Daily Aspect Calendars -

 Import daily transits into your calendar to note the sign of the moon, void of course moon and aspects that can influence your life on a daily basis.

Star Ships - Just as a natal chart is cast with the date and time of an individual's birth, a chart can be cast for the date and time that a business began.  This chart will reveal the potential success of your business including the financial assets and activities and of your enterprise.   Transits and progressions to this chart reveal the areas where growth and expansion will pay off and when and where you need to tighten the ship.

  Star Medicine - Areas of physical,mental, and emotional health (including addiction issues) that support or undermine your life.    As the signs, elements and other factors in your birth indicate potential health problems, these same energies also indicate the type of preventive measures you can resonate with. 

Celestial Charts and  Consultation Services - Detail of services provided along with fees.  Consultation and chart services availableConsultation and chart services available

All consultations and reports offered by Celestial Outlook are based upon astrological charts generated by state-of-the-art astrology software. 

     All services provided are strictly confidential.